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The S&P Levels You Need To Know

Interesting double-top, double bottom W forming in the S&P500.   In honor of George H.W. and George W.?  Hmmm…… The futures were rejected right at key resistance in overnight trading, making a high at 2814.0 during in early morning pre-trading and … Continue reading

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‘Toon of the Day: Santa Cometh?

(click here if cartoon is not observable)

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Euro Swan Dives Splashes Santa

This morning’s swan dive in the euro stopped the Santa rally right in its tracks. We have two questions:  1)  Has the ECB shot its wad as the lender of last resort providing massive liquidity to the banking system and … Continue reading

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‘Twas 5 Days Before Christmas

‘Twas 5 days before Christmas, when all through the house, No investor was long, not even their spouse. The stocks were all shorted by the big old bad bear, In hopes that St Nicholas would soon not be there. The … Continue reading

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Wow!  That was some move. Take a look at FAZ, the triple short financial, down 17.5 percent on the day!  Every trader and their mother were getting long that after last night’s close on the S&P downgrade of the banks. … Continue reading

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End of December Global Stock Returns

The following table shows the 2000-09 average return for each day of the last seven days of the year for the major global averages.  The number 1, for example,  is the last trading day of the year. On average, the … Continue reading

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U.S. Equities Gettin’ Jiggy…No Love for the Haters

The Christmas Ramp continues as stocks remain firmly bid even going into this weekend’s monetary event risk in China.   There’s a whiff of panic as under allocated investors watch the markets runaway and refuse to correct (see chart below). The … Continue reading

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Apple in Santa’s Bag

The global frenzy for Apple products show no signs of letting up.  This is the best company in the world and not just a game changer, but defining the culture for younger generations.  The stock has been trading in $300-320 … Continue reading

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The Christmas Ramp

Here’s a look at the YTD performance of U.S. stocks.  December is shaping up for a year-end ramp as many dedicated funds are under allocated and under performing their benchmarks in a big way.  The S&P500 held its 50-day moving … Continue reading

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