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Enough Of This Racist Nonsense!

We are reposting a piece we wrote two-years ago. Ironically, when we were back on the east coast in August 2018, we told one of our friends Trump’s racist dog whistles and blatant racism would lead to riots in the … Continue reading

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The Best Of America

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John Bolton Confirms What GMM Suspected All Along

Xi is playing that guy like a Stradivarius fiddle. – GMM, Oct 2019 John Bolton’s new book is now in the hands of journalists and the deets are beginning to leak out.  We state categorically GMM is not a big … Continue reading

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The United Socialist States of America (USSA)

You’d think the Fed governors would have the sense the political problem they are creating for themselves.  Pumping up the stock market — supporting corporate bonds will do that —  while Main Street suffers is a recipe for sweeping changes … Continue reading

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Place Your Bet: Who Ends Up In Jail?

Hat Tip: @LanceRoberts

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Capturing This Moment In History, Perfectly

Hat Tip: ‪@matthewjdowd ‬

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Statista’s New Chart Looks Familiar

It makes us a little nervous when we see our ideas, opinions, and charts starting to be adopted as conventional wisdom. A New Bull Market…In Bullshit Though the cheerleaders are still preaching a new bull market, the only new bull … Continue reading

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Why So Few Bears Own Park Avenue Apartments

Summary Bears can’t win the long-game, the probabilities are stacked against them as stocks (DJIA) have generated positive returns for almost 70 percent of the last 100 years Bears also face a relatively new (since the 1990s) headwind,  that is … Continue reading

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COTD: COVID Growth Impact – Statista

COTD:  Chart of the Day The World Bank published its latest Global Economic Prospects report on Monday, providing us with another glimpse of the expected economic fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic. According to its revised forecasts, the global economy will shrink by 5.2 … Continue reading

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CK-35 Trade – Sell SHOP

Carol sold her entire position in Shopify (SHOP) yesterday.  Here’s the trade ticket.  

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