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Blast Off!

Thanks, Ben.  We were getting worried there.  Cash gold is up $30, after hitting a high of $1,705.    Next up LTRO2.  Always with a stop. (click here if chart is not observable)

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Romney’s Gift from Bernanke

Mitt Romney just received a huge campaign gift from Ben Bernanke as he moves to the Florida primary.    The Fed just announced they will continue to flog savers  — i.e., Florida retirees who live off CD income, and we’re … Continue reading

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Apple’s BIG Beat

It is truly amazing how the world’s largest company can still grow revenues by 73 percent y/y and earnings by over 100 percent.   Apple blew away analyst estimates in today’s release by almost 40 percent, earning $13.87 in fiscal Q1 … Continue reading

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Dollar Yen Pierces Long-Term Downtrend Line

Our friends over at Lighthouse Securities posted a nice chart and great analysis on today’s $/Yen’s break of its two-year downtrend line.    We’re sensing this could be one of the big macro trades of 2012. As Europe works through … Continue reading

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Current Global Growth vs. Precrisis Average

Interest chart from today’s IMF World Economic Outlook giving some big picture perspective of the current state of the global economy relative to where it was before the crisis. Argentina is rocking relative to where it was before the crisis, … Continue reading

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Macrosynergy’s Excellent Return in a Very Difficult 2011

Our friends over at  Macrosynergy Partners had a very nice 2011, posting a stellar return of 9.22 percent.   Even more impressive considering, according to the FT,  that half the hedge funds were down for year and more than two thirds … Continue reading

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EU approves new sanctions on Iran

How long before the Arab Persian Spring comes to Tehran? (click here if video is not observable)

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The Dow in the Year of the Dragon

Gong Xi Fa Cai!  恭禧發財 It’s now The Year of the Dragon and the Economist  has posted an interesting piece on the performance of the Dow Jones Industrial and the Chinese astrological calendar. The Economist writes, CHINESE people across the … Continue reading

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Is Gold About to Get a Monetary Blast (Off)?

Watch gold as it pushes up against the downtrend line.  Any hints from the Fed of QE3 could send it “to the Moon, Alice!”  The Fed rejoining the party and the LTRO2 coming next month could be an explosive mix. … Continue reading

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The Ugly Chart Contest

Well not so ugly.  The dollar index is hovering around its short-term trend, but is now below the 20-day sma.  No clear break of trend yet. Crude looks like it is rolling over.  We heard Fareed Zakaria say on his … Continue reading

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