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The $10k 3-D Printed House

Stunning! Click link to view video. This 3D Printed House Was Finished in a Day and Costs Less Than $10,000 #3dprinting — 3D Printing News (@3DPrintMaven) March 20, 2018  

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“Many Chinese Would Like To Teach [Trump] A Lesson”

Yikes!  Nasty rhetoric from a newspaper under the auspices of the People’s Daily. Me thinks Trump & Co.  are going to be played by Xi & Co. like a Chinese fiddle. China already perceives the Trump Administration as a Paper Tiger. … Continue reading

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The Key to Understanding Facebook’s Current Crisis – WSJ

Facebook’s current data crisis involving Cambridge Analytica has angered users and prompted government investigations. To understand what’s happening now, you have to look back at Facebook’s old policies from 2007 to 2014. WSJ’s Shelby Holliday explains. Illustration: Laura Kammerman Don’t … Continue reading

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Our Favorite Pairs Trade

Difficult to short such beauty… Long Short

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The JFK-Trump S&P Analog Roadmap – BTFFD

We have had lots of requests to update our JFK-Trump S&P500 analog.  Here you go. The Kennedy-Trump S&P500 analog is tracking, on a directional basis, relatively well, with the Trump S&P now 3.56 percent below the JFK S&P, 347 trading … Continue reading

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QOTD: When Goldie Meets Frankie

“I think overall we have been pricing in for Goldilocks and we are closer to Frankenstein to be honest.” — Steen Jakobsen,  Saxo Bank on CNBC, March 27

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China calls on WTO members – EuroNews

Beijing urges them to oppose U.S. tariffs targeting China’s alleged theft of intellectual property.… READ MORE :…

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China’s Other Nuclear Option

Sorry to be such a downer, folks. We have to stress test the macro scenarios versus current market conditions by looking at worst case events, then calculating expected values based on the most likely probabilities. Especially after such a huge … Continue reading

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The ‘Bots Are Coming For The Surgeons

Mar.23 — This robot may be the surgeon of the future. Created by Auris Health, it is designed to conduct a biopsy. This demonstration shows how the device will operate on and maneuver through a human lung. In the future, … Continue reading

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Still No Relief From The Bond Market

Last week the S&P500 sold down 5.95 percent. We noted in an earlier post, Why This Correction Is Different, in that the current sell-off is different from all other corrections over the past 30 years (except a special case in … Continue reading

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